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09 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Design Company for your Business

09 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Design Company for your Business


Today, running a successful business is nearly impossible without a clear understanding of digital marketing whether yours is an established business or start-up. With a well- designed and user-friendly website for your company and/ or brand, it’ll be strongly positioned to compete in the larger market. Many businesses, however, don’t see that there’s a whole lot more to this than merely creating a web page or a few of them. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) writing and content marketing is vital to driving traffic to a website.

To get a great website built for your company, you must consider the full array of services only a professional web design company can provide you with. They’ll take care of the whole project from sketch to graphic design to development to digital marketing and so on.

Now there’re many DIY (Do it yourself) website builders that provide a platform for people to build their own site, but such mass web building solutions by default entail a great number of limitations which simply means they don’t offer the full range of services a professional web design company does. To rely on a DIY website builder is having to hire the services of professionals in graphic design, SEO writing, content marketing, and networking separately which will end up costing you significantly more than what you could save with DIY website builder particularly in the long run.

1. Your Website is the Nexus of All your Digital Marketing Campaigns

You can market your products and services on the Internet using multiple channels such as social media, eCommerce platforms, and apps. All these platforms enable you to connect with digital consumers from all around the globe. There’re millions of users on social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram whom you can easily market to. Mobile and desktop Apps have been proven to streamline the customers’ shopping experiences as well.

But, without a well-designed website to serve as the nexus of all your digital marketing activities, without a point of reference so to speak your campaigning won’t be effective. Laying your hands on a physical web address that customers find impressive, informative, user-friendly and memorable should be a strategic priority before extending your campaign to the other channels.

2. DIY Website Builders Come with Limited Options

Although DIY website builders are a good place to learn a thing or two about websites, they are seldom the best place to fully develop your company’s website. With them, whether you like it or not, your choice is severely restricted to what the platform could support. This means it’s quite unlikely to work out the way you want it to. You won’t be able to have as many or much as you want in terms of quality, quantity or preference.

Plus, if you build your website on a DIY platform, it’s forever; you can’t move it to a different platform. The only option is to cut your losses and start again from the scratch on another platform. Plus, contrary to their claims and promises, DIY websites are known to have severe SEO and content marketing limitations. If these shortcomings are still tolerable, DIY website builders have security lapses that could make your website vulnerable to hacking attempts or malware attacks. All these problems could easily wind up costing you a fortune if it went wrong, which is not an impossibility.

With a reliable web design company to build your company website in a professional manner, you can spare yourself pain of having to sort out all these problems that may drain your energy and shrink your wallet or bank balance.

3. Get a Flawless Website Built with Expert Input

Building a website is one thing, but making it work the way you want it to is another. It isn’t uncommon, for example, to find images that fail to load properly on certain browsers. These problems will be solved only if your website goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. For that, you need the support of a professional web design firm.

They know what different image formats should be used where. They understand how to optimise the images so that your website won’t end up too heavy and too slow to load. They can tell low resolution images from high resolution ones. They know where a video should go and how. They know how to build a theme and keep it all consistent. They know the psychology of colours and which goes with which. They understand how branding works. In short, they know your website is the online face of your business and that it’s not something to take for granted. The understand all those subtlest details that distinguish a well-performing website from a poorly-designed one. Even if they seem negligible, they aren’t common knowledge; even if you happen to know them all, practical implementation of them is a whole lot harder than theorising. But, for professionals, it’s part of their job so they’ll attend to all those matters and many more.

Reaching as many prospective and loyal customers as possible is a top priority for many websites. To accomplish this, you have to ensure that your website loads smoothly on all browsers or that it fits every screen perfectly. This means fixing all the bugs. A technical issue on a live site may be embarrassing for your business or brand. So minimising the room for technical problems to occur is an essential requirement. Testing your website rigorously will help in addressing such glitches. We can’t overstate the importance of a professional web design agency here, either.

4. Take Advantage of Greater Creativity

On top of delivering high quality work, professional web design companies also have a distinct edge over non-professionals. They can draw on the collective creativity they’ve accumulated through their specialised work experience over the years as they build your website. For instance, beginners and amateurs who offer to build it for chickenfeed may not be aware of the many features that websites can now have; nor will they have access to some of the proprietary technologies it may call for.

It must be noted here that creativity for the sake of creativity will not pay off. Striking a healthy balance between creativity and business requirements and harnessing the creativity to accomplish the branding & marketing objectives are what you must pay attention to here.

It’s a professional web design agency that knows which should be placed where. For instance, they know where a shopping cart should be shown and in what size so that it’ll appear properly on all types of screens. They know how to ad social media icons to the site so that they won’t appear out of place on the design and so on and on. They get what it takes to drive traffic while preserving the uniqueness of your website. There’re lots of minute details to take care of. Only a team of professionals can handle them.

5. Make a Splash with a Trendy Design

Web design trends are always in flux. Some just die down, but others make their presence felt and stay long. A professional web design company know what’s trending and which latest trends are most appropriate for your company website. Whether it’s well-known trends such as minimalism or parallax or more obscure ones, they’ll select the right trend or the right combination of trends plus other evolving elements and help your business make a splash with a trendy design.

6. Make a Great First Impression

There’s strong research evidence that point to the importance of first impressions when it comes to business websites. Some of those revealing insights are:

  • It takes a mere 50 milliseconds for a web visitor to form an opinion about your site
  • 38% of visitors will leave if the layout of your site is unattractive
  • 85% of consumers get the feel of a website before making a purchase decision
  • 94% of consumer’s first impressions are related to web design

Now it may be clear to you how much expertise should go into the design of your website to impress your website visitors. None but a professional web design company can ensure that your website captivates the visitors.

7. Make your Website Load Faster

People today are busier and more impatient than ever not just because of the demanding nature of work; there’re far too many distractions competing for their attention. So, a website that’s too slow to load doesn’t stand much chance in engaging the visitors even if it’s well-designed and ranks on top of the search engine results pages. Pay heed to these mind-blowing stats from Hubspot.

  • 47% of internet users expect a website to load within two seconds
  • 64% of mobile users expect a site to load in four seconds
  • A one second delay in load times leads to an 11% loss in page views
  • A one second delay in load speeds leads to a 7% reduction in conversions

It goes without saying that the website load time is far more critical than most people believe and you certainly need to engage a professional web design agency to get this right as well.

8. Get a Responsive Website Built

Smooth viewability of your website on multiple screens in general and on mobile screens in particular is of paramount importance now that more and more people browse the Internet on their mobiles (smartphones). If your website isn’t responsive, it’ll look crude and inelegant and turn the visitors away.

9. Get a User-friendly Website

Your company website is as much for showing the online face of your company to the world as it’s for your customers, that is, for both your existing and prospective customers so that they can learn about your company and your offerings. The designers of your website must have a clear idea of the users’ journey through it so that they can provide them with a hassle-free and meaningful customer experience. Things like menu and navigation design and placement and the content architecture is of great importance here among a host of other things. Again, it’s a professional web design company that will pay serious attention to this.