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Developed based on our industry experience and solid technology, our enterprise platforms & products are designed to facilitate a more versatile and open environment of working, learning, and business operations.

  • Online Ordering System (OOS)

    Online Ordering System (OOS)

    eBEYONDS online ordering system now helps restaurants to allow customers to check the online menu and order food online through mobile or web apps. Simple to manage and easy to navigate, our online ordering system helps you keep all your restaurant’s key sections updated to help a smooth daily operation. Open around the clock, Online Food Ordering helps in converting the guests visiting your website instantly.

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    • Steam Boat
    • Finagle
    • Grand Ocean Park
    •  Dilmah Conservation Publications


    DAMMORE is our cloud-based Digital Asset Management platform, designed to manage, organize and secure your digital assets. DAMMORE reduces the complexities of managing and sharing digital content through conventional means by maintaining a central repository where you can store, edit, reproduce, share, and protect your valuable digital assets, ultimately converting them into a revenue source for your organization.

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    • DIlmah
    • EDB


    OPPTIMO is our cloud-based task, people and operations management platform with mobile compatibility that provides real-time visibility to all operational and non-operational activities and enables users to schedule tasks that can be tracked in real-time. Designed to provide the flexibility to monitor and manage operations on the go, OPPTIMO brings clarity, fosters collaboration, and drives efficiency at the workplace.

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  • ecbizi


    eBEYONDS’s ecbizi is an online payment solution for all businesses and industries, that facilitates the collection and delivery of payments through a secure online gateway, allowing easy exchange of payments with documented proof. Designed to enable global online payments with minimum cost and effort, ecbizi allows customers to make secure payments online and immediately receive a documented proof, eliminating the risks associated with cash on delivery payments.

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    • Aramex
  • Loyalty Points System

    Loyalty Points System

    eBEYONDS Loyalty Points System is a SaaS solution with features that allow businesses to reward loyal customers with points. Our Loyalty Points System provides full-fledged management facilities across devices including collection and utilizing of points, managing customer points, secure system login for authorised users, and customised rule management facilities, that allows businesses and brand reward loyal customers easily.

  • OrderOnline.lk


    eBEYONDS ShopOnCloud is an all in one eCommerce platform with all essential features to launch a business online. 
    With in-built tools designed for online marketing, in-store promotion, work delegation, secure transactions and fast delivery, managing a Shop on Cloud is hassle-free and cost-effective. 
    Designed for any business of any size, ShopOnCloud provides businesses with flexible and scalable online selling capacity while providing shoppers with an enjoyable and frictionless online shopping experience.

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